Simple test target


This device is a simple sensor modulated IR broadcast. Its construction is very easy if a universal PCB is used. It can also be built by loosely bonding components.

The principle of the device lies in the fact that the LED goes out for a short moment when capturing the modulated IR signal.

It is suitable for testing and setting of radiators and sight for Lasertag weapons. You can also test the range, which can be slightly larger. The device indicates an intervention even if the message is incomplete. The effect has both design and assembly, when the receiver is shielded against the sky, the sun increases its sensitivity. It is fired in a direct direction when the receiver has the highest sensitivity.

Parts List

TSOP4856TSOP48561xIR Receiver Module 56kHz
Q1PN2222A1xBipolar NPN Tranzistor, TO-92

1xLED 5mm Red; 15°; 5000mcd - 20mA - 2,0 V
R1Resistors 47Ω1x125mW, 250mW, ...
R2Resistors 220Ω1x125mW, 250mW, ...
C1Capacitor 47uf1x6V, 10V, ....
S1Switch1xAny switch
BT1Battery case1x3V; 2x AA, 2xAAA
---PCB1xUniversal PCB Strip Grid 30x30mm
---Box1xAny box


Calculation of resistance for LEDs

R = (Vs-Vf)/If

(3-2)/0.025 = 40…. 47 Ω Standard Resistor
In case of using other LEDs it is necessary to calculate the correct value of R1 resistance.


Possible solved PCB and link to the downloaded Eagle project: 

Build a Device

The PCB and the components are přiletují. The ice and TSOP be compared to be parallel.

Device is tested, it is possible to use a regular TV driver


The entire device is eventually placed in a suitable box.

Final target Test

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