LaserTag system


To ensure system compatibility, it is a key element of IR communication, its parameters, both on the transmission side and reception. It is also possible to set up devices and systems with respect to game principles and rules, the maximum range of these settings. For other kinds of wireless communication, it should be possible to operate a game set player without the need for additional wireless communication with other players. These other types of wireless communication are used for internal communication between player system elements, setting up a player system outside the game or as part of the game elements in closed playgrounds.

The LASERTAG system consists of personal equipment for the player:

1/Radiator and player system core, often integrated directly in the LASERTAG weapon. It contains a radiator-transmitter IR communication, controls-user input, main audio output, sometimes screen-LCD.

2/sensors, devices receiving IR communication, whether on headband or elsewhere. With the player's core system are connected wirelessly or directly by cable. They often include an optical signalling-LED, and possibly an audio output.

3/Admin driver-device, often completely separate, used to moderate the game, setting up players. It communicates with the player system usually directly via IR broadcast.

4/Other game elements, equipment borne by players, stand alone or communicating with the player's core system. They can be kits, ammunition, traps, grenades and others.

In addition, there may be separate game elements, playground equipment:

1/flags, points, have IR receiver, optical or audio signaling. Players can influence them using IR broadcasting or another form of wireless communication.

2/Active elements, zones, lures or positive elements. They have an IR transceiver or other kind of wireless communication. They contain optical and/or audio signals. They can interfere with players in the broadcast range.

3/Other elements with IR or wireless communications, such as different devices for automatic moderation of the game. For example, automatic player recovery, ammo replenishment and the like.

4/Centre for controlling the playground, moderating games, communicating with players and viewers.


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