OpenLaserTag IR protocol

ShareOverview OpenLaserTag protocol is based on the MilesTag II protocol, extends its capabilities and is backward-compatible with this protocol. Allows up to 32767 unique player ID, 15 bits for player ID. It allows Big Game for many players. The last 1024 IDs reserved and indicate anti-materiel weapons. This fully penetrate armored target.

Optical emmiter tube

Share An IR LED with a low Angle of half intensity ϕ is suitable as an IR emitter source. Without a lens, the IR LED will have very short range and a wide transmission angle (like a TV remote).  It is necessary to choose the right combination of lens, its diameter, and focal length with

STM32 LaserTag system

ShareCaustic project is a full-featured outdoor and indoor wireless lasertag system. It consists of principial schemes, PCBs and firmware for devices used in lasertag game. For now, system consists of: Player’s gun Player’s sensor to detect shoots Smart control point for ‘capture the point’ game and some other things Bluetooth bridge that provide interconnection between

MilesTag 2 Protocol

ShareChristopher Malton – April 2011This document aims to provide a complete reference to the MilesTag 2 protocol, as the documentation on the LaserTagParts website is sketchy at best. It covers all of the protocol in common use and supported in the stock MilesTag.

LASERWAR Data protocol

Share IR signal sending protocol, last updated on 10.10.2012. The IR signal sending protocol used for the 4th generation LASERWAR equipment is based on MilesTag II Data Protocol Consequently, in the process of development of the 4th generation equipment we aimed to ensure that it is fully compatible with the equipment that uses

Simple test target

Share This device is a simple sensor modulated IR broadcast. Its construction is very easy if a universal PCB is used. It can also be built by loosely bonding components. The principle of the device lies in the fact that the LED goes out for a short moment when capturing the modulated IR signal. It

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Share We are developing, manufacturing and selling laser tag equipment from 2004. For many features we were pioneers – such as wireless headbands and PC interface. This year we decided to combine our twelve years’ experience and skill with several independent laser tag manufacturers to bring you an ultimate rental laser tag system –