Laser Tag Prague
Military laser game, a laser tag, is a gaming simulation that uses real-world replicas and a completely secure, innovative infrared system. This system operates on the basis of infrared beam and evaluation units, without the need for protective equipment. Each player is equipped with an electronic weapon system and sensors placed on the head. The range of the system allows for optimal lighting conditions to reach 200 meters in daytime and 400 meters in the gloom, depending on the choice of weapon. The beam is safe and friendly to both players and their surroundings. It is not influenced by weather conditions or ballistic missiles. The unit on the weapon simulates the real behavior of the weapon and evaluates the player and the entire game.

The Lasertag system allows for a full range of game scenarios using additional techniques and equipment. In the game you can use grenades, bombs, claymore mines, systems for cars and buildings, VIP hostages and electronic and classic flags. These elements of the laser tag brings new possibilities into the game in the form of snipers, cloaking, various tactics and especially team cooperation. Lasertag can be played practically anywhere, depending on your imagination what scenario or battle situation you choose. After each game there is a possibility to create complete statistics on the course of the game. Another advantage is that the game is managed fully electronically and therefore there is no cheating and guessing about who, when, who earlier.

The heart of the entire system, which takes care of its operation and at the same time displays all information about the status of the player is an-peq. An-PEQ is fully programmable and allows engaging in game professions such as medic, engineer, sniper or other equipment as a ballistic vest. The player sees the info about the number of reservoirs, the state of the reservoir, the number of lives and the Ballistic protection (Kevlar). It is also equipped with a loudspeaker that emits the sound of gunfire, incident bullets, received interventions, arterial bleeding, which is controlled by a percentage algorithm or sirens at death.

Laser Tag Prague
Art 1023/4,
161 00 Prague 6

Tunka K
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